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The Reborn 2nd Birthday Update - Stroceta Island

Posted by CMR on 25.05.2014 - 16:14

A new Island has been released unto the world of The Reborn!

It goes by the name of Stroceta, and can be reached by sailing to it from Westport on Lensya Island.

Update Quick-guide

New Exploration location (Level 75) [Underwater Exploration]
New Combat/Constitution location - "Patrolling" at Seagate with random fights
New Harvesting location - Mushroom, Banana, Onion, Apple (Lvl 61-76)
New Fishing location - Ash Rod - Ghostfish, Mud Carp, Dragonfish (Lvl 67-77)
New Mining location - Rosesilver ore (lvl 65)
New Woodcutting location - Ash Wood (lvl 75)
New Woodcutting location - Willow Wood (lvl 85)
New Smelting location - Rosesilver bars (lvl 65)
New Smithing location - Rosesilver items (lvl 66-80)
New Spell learning location - Dark spells
New Spell learning location (lvl 50-75)
New Combat location (CL 27-55)
New Sawing location - Ash wood (Lvl 60)
New Sawing location - Willow Wood (Lvl 65)
New Creature Handling animals
New Monsters (CL 27-55)
New Spells
New Items
New Quests

Update Detailed Guide

This update included an entire database layer re-write, meaning that every single interaction with the database, to read or write information has been re-written, which took a long time. It was done for security reasons. It has been tested a lot, however if you notice anything that is now not working, please report it and I will try and get it fixed as soon as possible.


Stroceta is the new island which has been released, which you can access by sailing from Westport on Lensya island.
Stroceta is safe to walk around, there are no auto attacks at any locations.
Stroceta was named after the first game I ever created, which some of you may or may not remember (it was pretty rubbish)

There are 2 new places where you can train combat.
The main location is Ruins of Aaranbad, where you can fight 3 new monsters.
There is also Seagate where you can Patrol the waters outside the port. This will give you + constitution and will sometimes start fights with sea monsters.
(Check the Bestiary in the Manual to see what level of monster are at each place).

New spells include:
- Enchanting Combat Scrolls
- Dark spells
- More summoning spells, teleportation spells, combat spells, alteration spells, etc...
Dark spells can be learnt from the Dark Mage hanging around the Ruins of Aaranbad
Normal spells can be learnt from the Mage Academy at Vuela

A new Ash forest is available at Atena, for those lvl 75+
There is also a new forest at Lyre where you can chop for Willow Wood at lvl 85+
Drops include the usual fruit and veggies

Harvesting is available at Atena, where the harvests are randomly either Mushroom, Banana, Onion or Apple.
These start at Lvl 61+

3 new fish are available to be caught at the Blue Lagoon using your Ash Rod.
These are: Ghostfish, Mud Carp and Dragonfish, and start at Lvl 67

You can also cook the 3 new fish, starting at Lvl 60.

A rich vein of Rosesilver ore is available at Oolak'tan at level 65+

Rosesilver ore can be smelted into bars and subsequently smithed into Rosesilver items. This can be done at Yellow Bear Canyon

There are various new items available to be crafted, such as:
- Willow items
- Kraken items
- Timestone jewelry
- Scrolls
These can be crafted at Yellow Bear Canyon

A new Exploration location at Seagate allows you to explore underwater. It will require that you can breathe underwater though. Which can be achieved by either casting a spell to allow yourself to breathe underwater for a short time, or by eating Seaweed which has been infused with a Breathe spell.
Finds include:
- Kraken scales
- Anchors
- Seaweed
- Locked chest
- etc...

A new locked item (Locked Chest) is now available

Speed now has new walking sticks and mounts.
Mount levels and time reductions have been altered so that more mounts can be added in future
You can also now find Baby Elephants when walking around Stroceta island

Creature Handling
It is now possible to grow a Baby Dant into a Polar bear as well as a Dant
You can also now raise Baby Elephants into either an Elephant or a War Elephant

New Sawing locations are available for Ash Wood (now gives you up to 8 logs per wood), and for the new Willow Wood.

Other Updates
NPCs have been re-done slightly, and now certain NPCs can follow you around as companions during your quest
A few new quests are available, using the new NPC system

Future Planned Updates

- More quests
- Bug fixes as and when they are reported
- New staff tools

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